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11 Tips to Help You Live Pain-Free

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8.Aug, 2016 Comments Off on 11 Tips to Help You Live Pain-Free Pain Free

11 Tips to Help You Live Pain-Free

If you want to significantly reduce your level of pain (back pain, diabetic pain, neuropathy pain, etc.) this year, you should START NOW and START SIMPLE. Kick off the New Year with a resolution to be pain-free! The best way to accomplish this is to take the year one day at a time, making healthy choices along the way. Remember that every little choice will add up – if you make good choices, big things will happen!Try the following 11 tips for a pain-free this year!



1. DRINK WATER! You should drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day to stay hydrated. When you drink enough water, your blood will deliver nutrients to your nerve cells more efficiently, helping them to heal faster.


2. JUST SAY “NO” TO SODA. Sugar wreaks havoc on the delicate cells of the nervous system, worsening your condition and exacerbating your pain. Even “diet” versions of popular sodas contain chemicals that damage your nerves! Plain old water is ALWAYS the best choice.


3. LIMIT SUGAR INTAKE! When it comes to chronic pain, sugar is often the number one dietary culprit. Foods that are full of refined sugar will trigger an inflammatory response that damages your nerves and produces painful symptoms.


4. LEARN TO LOVE EXERCISING! Regular physical activity increases your circulation, helping your body deliver nutrient-rich blood to the nerves in your legs and feet. No one expects you to run a marathon, but small efforts here and there will go a long way.


5. KEEP A RECORD! Don’t underestimate the power of tracking your habits. Studies show that those who keep a food diary are twice as successful as those who don’t! Recording the foods you consume keeps you accountable for your choices and gives you the perspective you need to keep going.


6. EAT A SALAD EVERY DAY! The evidence is clear: VEGETABLES ARE PAIN-REDUCING DYNAMITE. They’re nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory, and satisfying. Salads are one of the easiest ways to get a full serving of dark leafy greens.


7. DO WHAT YOU LIKE! Eating healthfully doesn’t mean you have to eat foods you dislike. Do some research and try to find some new healthy foods that you might enjoy. The same goes for exercise! Change up your routine when you start to get bored.


8. REWARD YOURSELF! Create a rewards system! Do something special (non-food related) each time you achieve one of your goals. Get a massage or buy an outfit for an upcoming party! Consider trying something you couldn’t do before you reduced your pain. Celebrate your success!


9. EAT FOR FUEL, NOT PLEASURE! Remember that food is meant to fuel the body and keep it going. When you eat for pleasure, all of your health goals go out the window. Pay attention to what foods you are eating and how they make you feel.


10. DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP! If you slip up every once in a while, it’s okay! The worst thing you can do it beat yourself up for it and fall off the wagon forever.


11. CLEANSE OFTEN! Detoxification is the key to pain-free living. It’s important to cleanse your body often! You can detox at any time, whether you’ve eaten too much over the holidays or want a little extra boost. Call us to learn more about our Solutions4 Detox Kits!


As you begin to set your goals, keep these 11 tips in mind. Make this year that you finally check off your pain-free resolution!

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