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6 Great Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water and How to Form a Water Habit!

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8.Aug, 2016 0 Pain Free

6 Great Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water and How to Form a Water Habit!

If you were stranded without food, you could live for almost a month. If you didn’t have water, you would die before the end of the week. Water trumps food as the most essential nutrient of all—the very essence of life. It’s such a simple formula (one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms) and yet it accounts for nearly 70% of our world, and 70-75% of our bodies. If you don’t drink enough water, your body cannot function properly. Your health will slowly decline and you will most likely gain weight. Good news though! This miracle substance is available straight from your kitchen sink. Keep reading to hear 6 great reasons why you should drink more water, and how to form a water habit!


1. Better Digestion

Water assists with digestion and speeds up your metabolism. Drink a glass before every meal, and sip throughout. A healthy diet won’t do you any good if lumps of food are stuck in your stomach or large intestine. Use water to help everything pass through.


2. Less Cravings

Sugar-free, caffeine-free, calorie-free, water is the purest and least addictive substance in the world. It fills space in your belly and helps you feel satisfied by less. When cravings strike, drink a full glass of water, and soon you’ll forget all about those brownies.   


3. Healthy Skin

A dehydrated body means dehydrated skin, which speeds up the aging process, increasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Water will hydrate your skin cells and plump them up, making you look younger. It will also help flush out impurities.  


4. Detoxification

If you drink plenty of water, you will have greater blood volume and better circulation, which helps you to continually flush toxins from your body—perhaps the most important thing you can do to help you lose weight. Burning calories creates toxins (think of the exhaust coming out of your car), and drinking water helps ensure that those toxins leave your system ASAP.  


5. More Energy

Did you know thirst can cause fatigue? There’s a simple solution—drink lots of water! An ice-cold glass of water will help you wake up and feel alive. Steady and consistent intake throughout the day helps you keep your mind clear and your body in motion. You will feel bright and vibrant and it’ll kick-start your digestive tract, which results in even more energy. 


6. Weight Loss

Plain old water will save you from calorie/sugar/caffeine overload. Drinks like soda, alcohol, coffee, sweet tea, processed juice, sports drinks, and energy shots lack nutritional value and are easy to drink in excess. They greatly increase inflammation, causing weight gain and increased pain. Take it from us—water is the BEST OPTION for long-lasting health!  


“How Much Water Should I Drink?”

Drink Half Your Body Weight in Ounces of Water Every Day!

Make It a Habit!

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